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December Board Meeting

Fostering Electric Vehicle Expansion in the Rockies
(Project FEVER)
• Final Report and Recommendations of Project FEVER
• Emissions Analysis of Projected Electric Vehicle Use in Colorado
• Boulder Smart Grid Electric Vehicle Pilot Project
• RAQC Program for Electric Vehicle/Infrastructure Development
in the Denver Region
Selection of Consultant for Creative Marketing/Advertising Support
for OzoneAware Campaign
Proposed 2013 RAQC Work Program and Budget
Proposed 2013 Meeting Calendar and Suggestions for Next

September Board Meeting

2011 Audited Financial Statements
Update on Denver Region’s Sustainable Communities Initiative
Discussion of DRCOG’s Metor Vision 2040 Plan and Scenario
Planning Process
Discussion of Recently Developed Land Use/Air Quality
Planning Tools
Update on 2012 Ozone Season and Plans for 2013/14
OzoneAware Program
Discussion of Proposed Revisions to Region’s Automobile
Inspection/Maintenance Program

June RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Denver B-Cycle Bike Sharing Program
Discussion of Recent Research
Discussion of New EPA Regulations for Oil & Gas Operations
Clear the Air Foundation Request

April RAQC Board Meeting

Conversation with Don Hunt, Executive Director, CDOT
Results from Remote Sensing High Emitter Pilot Program
Legislative Update
OzoneAware Program Update

January RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Ozone Planning Activities and Actions
Discussion and Approval of 2012-13 Work Program & 2012 Budget
Discussion of Future Meeting Agendas and Potential Conversations with Other Organizations
Legislative Update and Discussion of Legislation of Interest