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2017 Sensitivity Modeling Efforts

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In preparation for planning under the 2015 ozone standard, modeling was initiated to evaluate the following:

  • 2023 Sensitivity Modeling
    • Preliminary CAMx modeling of 2023 emissions using 2011 36/12/4km SIP modeling platform
  • 2023 VOX/NOx Emissions Sensitivity Modeling
    • Across-the-board anthropogenic VOC/NOx emission reduction sensitivity simulations and prepare EKMA diagrams at key locations
  • Contributions of International Emissions

    • 2011 GEO S-Chem global and CAMx 36/12km simulations for 2011 Base Case and 2011 no non-US anthropogenic emissions scenarios
  • Effects of Interstate Emission Reduction Outside Colorado
    • CAMx 4km Colorado domain simulation using 2023 emissions and 2017 Boundary Conditions
  • Local Source 2107 Ozone Source Apportionment Modeling using a 2011 Modeling Database for 2011 [Final Report – April 2017]
    • Local Source ozone source apportionment modeling was conducted to analyze ozone contributions from different source sectors within Colorado
    • Source Apportionment Visualization Tool ( SA Vis Tool)
      • Through this tool, users can isolate individual monitors to see the source contributions on individual days and averaged over multiple days

The results of the aforementioned modeling analyses will be presented at a Modeling forum on November 2nd, 2017.