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March Board Meeting

*Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
*Review Outline of 2008 Ozone Standard State Implementation Plan (SIP) Elements and Chapters and Review Timeline
*2011 and 2017 Emissions Inventories and Draft Reasonable Further Progress SIP Chapter
*Draft Inspection/Maintenance Program SIP Chapter
*Draft New Source Review SIP Chapter
*Ozone Strategy Subcommittee Updates

February Board Meeting

Approval of Selection of Contractors
Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
Ozone Subcommittee Updates

January Board Meeting

Briefing on Call for Local Air Quality Projects
Update on 75 ppb Moderate Area State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Subcommittee Breakout Sessions

December Board Meeting

Approval of 2016 Work Program and Budget
Update on 75 ppb Moderate Area Implementation Plan (SIP)
Presentation on PM-2.5 History and Status in the Denver/North Front Range Region
Volkswagen Emission Control System Tampering – Impact on Colorado
Next Meeting and 2016 Meeting Dates

November Board Meeting

Overview of Implementation of Colorado’s Clean Power Plan
Implications and Implementation Timeline for EPA’s New 70 ppb Ozone Standard
Presentation & Discussion of 2011-17 Emissions Inventories & Reasonable Further Progress Plan for 2008 Ozone Standard SIP
Discussion of 2016 RAQC Work Program & Budget (Approval at December Meeting)

September Board Meeting

Ozone Update
Review of 2015 ozone season monitoring information
EPA proposal to reclassify Denver/North Front Range area to Moderate classification for 2008 ozone standard
Status of Ozone SIP Development activities
OzoneAware Program
Status Report on Alternative Fuels Programs: Charge Ahead Colorado and ALT Fuels Colorado
Plan for Next Meeting — October 2, 2015

June Board Meeting

Update from RAQC Ozone Strategy Subcommittees
Presentation and Discussion on Electric Vehicle Market Implementation Study
Fall Board Meeting Schedule
Overview of “Electrify Your Summer” Ozone Kick-Off Event
“Electrify Your Summer” Ozone Kick-Off Event at Market Street Plaza

April Board Meeting

Legislation of Interest
Form Subcommittee Re: Performance Metrics
Conversation with Shailen Bhatt
OzoneAware Summer Program
Discussion of SIP Requirements & Overview of RAQC SIP Planning Process

February Board Meeting

Discussion of legislation of interest
Conversation with former Gov. Bill Ritter regarding EPA’s Clean Power Plan and his Center’s efforts
Discussion of EPA’s Proposed New Ozone Standard and Its Implications
Discussion of Planning Process & Schedule for 2008 (75 ppb) Ozone Standard
Plans for Next Meeting – April 10, 2015

November Board Meeting

Approval of 2015 RAQC Work Program and Budget
Changes to Region’s Inspection/Maintenance Program Beginning January 1st, 2015
Presentation and Discussion of EPA’s Proposed Clean Power (111(d)) Plan
Next Meeting and 2015 Meeting Calendar

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