February 2018 Board Meeting

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  • December Minutes
  • Welcome New RAQC Members
  • Discussion of Legislation of Interest
  • Conversation with EPA Regional Administrator Doug Benevento
    • Doug Benevento, Regional Administrator, EPA Region 8
    • Monica Morales, Air Program Manager, EPA Region 8
  • Brief Update on Issues and Programs of Interest
    • Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan
    • Final Volkswagen Beneficiary Mitigation Plan
      • Charge Ahead Colorado project solicitation
      • ALT Fuels Colorado project solicitation
    • Lawn and Garden programs
      • Mow Down Pollution 2018
      • Local government grant program
    • Local Agency Air Quality Projects grant program – project solicitation
    • Ozone planning
      • Exceptional Events demonstration
      • Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) rulemaking
      • 2015 Ozone Standard air quality modeling workplan and RFP
  •  2018 Meeting Schedule and Topics