June RAQC Meeting

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Regional Air Quality Planning Workshop

How Transportation and Built Environment Considerations Can Influence Regional Air Quality Planning Initiatives: Ideas and Lessons from Other US Regions

  • Welcome, Introductions, Why We Are Here
  • Improving Air Quality, Economic Well-being, and Community Design at the Project Level: A Developer’s Prospective
    • Brian Leary, President and CEO, Atlanta Beltline, Atlanta GA
      (due to its size, Mr. Leary’s presentation has been uploaded in sections: Section 1; Section 2 and Section 3)
    • Bill Mosher, Managing Director,  Trammel Crow, Denver CO
  • Commecting Transportation and Land Use with Clean Air Act Planning Needs at the Regional Level:  Lessons from Sacramento
    • Tom Cosgrove, Mayor Lincoln, CA & member SACOC Board of Directors
    • Larry Green, Executive Director Sacramento Metro Air Quality Management District, Sacramento CA
    • Mike McKeever, Executive Director, Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Sacramento CA
  • How the State Can Support Innovation in Transportation and Land Use Planning to Meet Air Quality Goals
  • Next Steps and Concluding Remarks