May RAQC Board Meeting

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  • April Minutes
  • Legislative Update
    • Margy Christiansen, Christiansen Corporate Resources/Ken Lloyd, RAQC
  • Overview of Plans for Summer OzoneAware Program
    • Sarah Anderson, RAQC
  • Overview of Potential Stationary and Area Source Control Measures
    • Mike Silverstein, Air Pollution Control Division
  • Panel Discussion  — Industry Perspective on Stationary/Area Source Control Measures
    • Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry – Dennis Arfmann, Chair, CACI Air Quality Committee
    • Colorado Oil and Gas Association – Korby Bracken, Anadarko Petroleum, COGA Air Quality Committee
    • Kris Bohling, Wagner Equipment Company (off-road/construction equipment)
  • Update on Other Ozone SIP Planning Activities
    • Status of new EPA ozone standard
    • Ozone SIP modeling
    • Further evaluation of land use measures – EPA assistance project
    • Futher evaluation of transportation pricing measures
    • EPA feedback on evaluation of transportation-related measures
  • Discussion of Upcoming Meeting and Topics