Our Programs

This program listing is designed to give you an overview of all the educational and outreach programs sponsored by the Regional Air Quality Council. Once you know more about our Ozone Aware program, Mow Down Pollution event, our Clean Air Fleets initiatives, Repair Your Air campaign, our Fleet Maintenance Program, Street Sanding  program and Optical Gas Imaging Camera Loan program, you’ll understand how to inform and engage your citizens to get involved and become a part of the solution.

Local Agency Air Quality Projects Grant Pool A funding program to help local governments develop & implement programs that result in benefits to air quality

Mow Down Pollution – Commercial Commercial Lawn and Garden Program

Mow Down Pollution Lawn Mower Exchange Program

Simple Steps. Better Air. A Voluntary Ozone Outreach, Awareness and Behavior Change Program

Clean Air Fleets Mobile Sources Programs: Charge Ahead CO, ALT Fuels CO and Diesel Retrofits

Every Trip Counts A Voluntary Program to Encourage Alternative Modes of Travel

Optical Gas Imaging Camera Loan Program Identifying and Repairing Leaks to Improve Air Quality

Charge Ahead Colorado Charge Ahead Colorado Program

ALT Fuels Colorado ALT Fuels Colorado Program

Repair Your Air Repair Your Air Campaign

Winter Air Pollution Combating the Brown Cloud

Transportation Moving to Improve Air Quality

Street Sanding Program Street Sanding Program

State Implementation Plans Ensuring Compliance with Federal Air Quality Standards