Charge Ahead Colorado to Showcase Electric Vehicles at Denver Auto Show April 9-13

Charge Ahead Colorado (a joint program of the Regional Air Quality Council and the Colorado Energy Office) — along with supporters Xcel Energy, the American Lung Association Colorado, the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition, and the City and County of Denver — will host an Electric Vehicle Showcase at the Denver Auto Show April 9-13. The showcase will highlight the benefits of electric vehicles and the many vehicle and charging options available to consumers.

Visitors to the Charge Ahead Colorado Electric Vehicle Showcase will:

• Learn about the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles

• Get informed about financial incentives and station and at-home charging infrastructure

• Map charging station locations near their homes, workplaces or travel routes

• See first-hand some of the most popular electric vehicle models available

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks account for almost a third of the air pollution in the United States. The adoption of electric vehicles can significantly reduce air pollution caused by motor vehicle travel. A growing number of charging stations – coupled with a wealth of vehicle options to choose from — is making it easier than ever to make the switch to electric vehicles and start paving the way to better air quality and better health in the Denver metro area.

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