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Committee meetings are open to the public and seek input from stakeholders on topics discussed.

Control Strategy Committee

The Regional Air Quality Council has combined its Mobile Sources/Fuels, Stationary/Area Sources and Transportation/Land Use/Outreach Committees into one Control Strategy Committee to focus on control strategies for the ozone planning efforts.   This will allow participants to understand co-benefits of different strategies and select strategies for continued development for implementation and possible inclusion in State Implementation Plan(s) to reduce ozone pollution.

Active work group efforts:

Electrify Lawn and Garden Work Group     Oil & Gas Technical Work Group

Archived work group efforts:

2021- 2022
Indirect Source Rule Work Group              Non-road Engines Work Group            Local Government Collaboration Work Group

Clean Air Fund Work Group                 Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance/Fuels Formulation Work Group           Employer-Based Trip Reduction Work Group

Prior to June 2019
Mobile Sources/Fuels Committee                      Stationary/Area Sources Committee            Transportation/Land Use/Outreach Committee

Operations Committee

This committee is focused on the operations and business matters of the RAQC.  Topics discussed and evaluated include, but not limited to, fiduciary and human resources issues, the RAQC’s annual work plan and budget.

Strategic Planning Workgroup

Through this workgroup, Board Members and staff will work through a strategic planning model to better define the RAQC’s mission, vision, objectives, strategic initiates as well as performance measures and targets.