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Control Strategy Committee

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The RAQC has formed the Control Strategy Committee to evaluate and advance strategies that will continue to decrease ozone levels, improve air quality, and bring the area into compliance with federal ozone standards. Additional information on all control strategies being assessed is available on the Control Strategies page.

While the RAQC will continue to implement and improve various control strategies already in place, it has formed three Work Groups to further develop and advance bold strategies:

Clean Air Fund Work Group: Develop both fundraising approaches and a legislative fee proposal for direct program implementation and innovative program development.

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance/Fuels Formulation Work Group: Develop regulatory and outreach approaches to reduce vehicle emissions through new fuels formulations and vehicle inspection and maintenance programs.

Employer-Based Trip Reduction Work Group: Intensify ongoing voluntary Employer-Based Trip Reduction approaches and begin developing a regulatory proposal for future Board consideration.


Meeting times for the Work Groups will be posted below – stakeholder participation is welcomed and encouraged.


Committee Chair:  Brian Payer