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Control Strategy Committee

Click on the meeting links below to access Committee materials.

The Regional Air Quality Council has combined its Mobile Sources/Fuels, Stationary/Area Sources and Transportation/Land Use/Outreach Committees into one Control Strategy Committee to focus on control strategies for the ozone planning efforts.   This will allow participants to understand co-benefits of different strategies and select strategies for continued development for implementation and possible inclusion in State Implementation Plan(s) to reduce ozone pollution.

Click on the links below to reference any materials from these individual committees prior to June 2019 (now archived):

Mobile Sources/Fuels Committee                      Stationary/Area Sources Committee            Transportation/Land Use/Outreach Committee

This Committee will meet on the Third Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, unless otherwise posted.

Anyone currently signed up to receive notifications for any of the three previous committees will receive notice of this meeting.
This is a public meeting and stakeholder participation in welcome and encouraged.

Committee Chair:  Brian Payer