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February Board Meeting

Discussion of Any Quality Legislation of Interest
Review of 2016 Ozone Outreach Program and Plans for Rebranding in 2017
Approval of Low-VOC Consumer Products Market Research Study & Contract
Next Meeting – April 7, 2017

December Board Meeting

*Report on AQCC Approval of Ozone Moderate Area SIP & Next Steps
*Overview of EPA’s Proposed SIP Requirements Rule for the 2015 Ozone Standard & Discussion of Issues
*Discussion and Approval of Proposed RAQC 2017 Work Program and Budget
*2017 Meeting Schedule

November Board Meeting

*Update on Ozone Moderate Area SIP – Summary of Remaining Issues Raised by Parties in Prehearing Statements
*Potential RAQC Recommendations Concerning Implementation of Volkswagen Trust Fund
*Proposed RAQC 2017 Work Plan and Budget

September Board Meeting

* Summer 2016 Ozone Season
* Ozone Moderate Area SIP Update
* Proposed Nonattainment Designations & Boundaries for 2015 Ozone Standard
* Overview of Proposed Volkswagen Settlement Agreement & Colorado’s Process for Addressing the Settlement Provisions
* Next Steps & Future Meeting Schedule

June 30 Board Meeting

*Recognition of Departing RAQC Members
*Approval of Funding for Local Agency Air Quality Projects
*Overview of Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP
*Public Comment on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP
*RAQC Board Discussion & Final Action on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP to be submitted to the AQCC for Consideration

June 3 Board Meeting

*Overview of Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) Elements and Chapters
-Overview of chapters previously reviewed by RAQC
-Update of Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) Analysis
-Presentation on Attainment Demonstration/Weight of Evidence Chapter
*Public Comment on Draft Proposed State Implementation Plan
*RAQC Board Discussion of Draft Proposed SIP and Direction to Staff for Finalizing the Proposed Plan

May Board Meeting

*Draft Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM)
SIP Chapter
*Draft Contingency Measures SIP Chapter
*Ozone Modeling Analysis & Attainment Demonstration/
Weight of Evidence
*Draft Public and Stakeholder Input Plan
*Legislative Update
*Summer 2016 Ozone Outreach Campaign Program

April Board Meeting

*Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
*Status of 2008 Ozone SIP Elements & Chapters; Review Timeline
*Presentation & Discussion of Draft RACT SIP Chapter
*Presentation & Discussion of Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets SIP Chapter
*Photochemical Dispersion Modeling Update
*Ozone Strategy Subcommittee Updates & Future Meetings
*Overview of May 6, 2016 Meeting

March Board Meeting

*Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
*Review Outline of 2008 Ozone Standard State Implementation Plan (SIP) Elements and Chapters and Review Timeline
*2011 and 2017 Emissions Inventories and Draft Reasonable Further Progress SIP Chapter
*Draft Inspection/Maintenance Program SIP Chapter
*Draft New Source Review SIP Chapter
*Ozone Strategy Subcommittee Updates

February Board Meeting

Approval of Selection of Contractors
Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
Ozone Subcommittee Updates

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