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December RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Proceedings Currently Before the AQCC
2007 Work Program and Budget
Briefing Paper for Governor-elect Ritter

November RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Proposed Revisions to Regulation No. 7 as part of Ozone EAC
Implementation Plan for H.B. 1302 & Proposed Revisions to Reg. No. 11
Update on Clean Air Fleets Diesel Retrofit Program
White Paper on Regional Air Quality Council

September RAQC Board Meeting

2006 Ozone Season Update
Proposed Revisions to Regulation No. 7 Regarding the Oil & Gas Industry
Audit of 2005 Financial Statements

June RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Ozone Outreach Program
Ozone Early Action Compact: Status of Oil & Gas Industry Issues
Briefing on Requirements of House Bill 1302

April RAQC Board Meeting

2006 Summer Ozone Awareness Program
Presentation on Issues Associated with Oil & Gas Industry and Ozone EAC
Update on AQCC Analysis Regarding I/M Program
Discussion on Efforts to Analyze Feasibility of Remote Sensing Program
Discussion on Legislation of Interest

February RAQC Board Meeting

Introduction of New Members
Administrative Matters
Assessing Future of the Inspection/Maintenane Program
EPA’s Proposed Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM
Discussion of Legislation of Interest