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June 2017 Board Meeting

*Introduction of New RAQC Members
*Presentation on Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s “Power with a Purpose”
*Update on Oil & Gas Stakeholder Process and Planned Rulemaking
*Update on Ozone Regulatory Status
*Overview of Results from Electric Vehicle Charging Study – Opportunities and Challenges

April 2017 Board Meeting

*Recognition of Departing RAQC Members
*Discussion of Air Quality Legislation of Interest
*Presentation on Xcel Energy’s “Our Energy Future”
*Staff Updates on RAQC Topics of Interests

February 2017 Board Meeting

Discussion of Any Quality Legislation of Interest
Review of 2016 Ozone Outreach Program and Plans for Rebranding in 2017
Approval of Low-VOC Consumer Products Market Research Study & Contract
Next Meeting – April 7, 2017

December Board Meeting

*Report on AQCC Approval of Ozone Moderate Area SIP & Next Steps
*Overview of EPA’s Proposed SIP Requirements Rule for the 2015 Ozone Standard & Discussion of Issues
*Discussion and Approval of Proposed RAQC 2017 Work Program and Budget
*2017 Meeting Schedule

November Board Meeting

*Update on Ozone Moderate Area SIP – Summary of Remaining Issues Raised by Parties in Prehearing Statements
*Potential RAQC Recommendations Concerning Implementation of Volkswagen Trust Fund
*Proposed RAQC 2017 Work Plan and Budget

September Board Meeting

* Summer 2016 Ozone Season
* Ozone Moderate Area SIP Update
* Proposed Nonattainment Designations & Boundaries for 2015 Ozone Standard
* Overview of Proposed Volkswagen Settlement Agreement & Colorado’s Process for Addressing the Settlement Provisions
* Next Steps & Future Meeting Schedule

June 30 Board Meeting

*Recognition of Departing RAQC Members
*Approval of Funding for Local Agency Air Quality Projects
*Overview of Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP
*Public Comment on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP
*RAQC Board Discussion & Final Action on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP to be submitted to the AQCC for Consideration

June 3 Board Meeting

*Overview of Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) Elements and Chapters
-Overview of chapters previously reviewed by RAQC
-Update of Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) Analysis
-Presentation on Attainment Demonstration/Weight of Evidence Chapter
*Public Comment on Draft Proposed State Implementation Plan
*RAQC Board Discussion of Draft Proposed SIP and Direction to Staff for Finalizing the Proposed Plan

May Board Meeting

*Draft Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM)
SIP Chapter
*Draft Contingency Measures SIP Chapter
*Ozone Modeling Analysis & Attainment Demonstration/
Weight of Evidence
*Draft Public and Stakeholder Input Plan
*Legislative Update
*Summer 2016 Ozone Outreach Campaign Program

April Board Meeting

*Legislative Update – Discussion of Legislation of Interest
*Status of 2008 Ozone SIP Elements & Chapters; Review Timeline
*Presentation & Discussion of Draft RACT SIP Chapter
*Presentation & Discussion of Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets SIP Chapter
*Photochemical Dispersion Modeling Update
*Ozone Strategy Subcommittee Updates & Future Meetings
*Overview of May 6, 2016 Meeting

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