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February RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Update
Denver B-Cycle Program
Update: Effect of Clean Air Clean Jobs Act Implementation and
Regional Haze SIP on Ozone SIP Planning
Discussion of Revised Executive Summary and Approval of
2010 Progress Report to the Governor
Discussion of 2011 SIP Measure Analysis Process and Schedule
Discussion and Approval of RAQC 2011 Work Program and Budget
Approval of Selection of Contractor for Future Ozone SIP
Plan for March Meeting

January RAQC Board Meeting

Report on EPA’s Recent Announcement to Postpone the
Revised Ozone Standard
Discussion of Alternative Transportation and Land Use
Subcommittee Report-out
Discussion of Draft 2010 Progress Report to Governor &
Recommended 2011 Meeting Framework
Presentation and Discussion with Joe Cortright, on the Economic
Analysis of Improving Linkages Between Transportion
and Land Use in Denver

December RAQC Meeting

Facilitated Discussion of Motor Vehicle and Fuels Subcommittee Report-out
Facilitated Discussion of Alternative Transportation and Land Use
Subcommittee Report-out
Discussion of RAQC “Next Steps” including:
2010 Progress Report to Governor; 2011 Work Plan Concept;
and 2011 Meeting Dates

November RAQC Meeting

Presentation and Discussion on HB10-1365 Implementation Status
Discussion of Remaining Transportation Pricing Subcommittee Report-out and Recommendations
Discussion of Alternative Transportation and Land Use Subcommittee Report-out, Recommendations, and Next Steps

October RAQC Meeting

Presentation & Discussion with EPA Region VIII and Headquarters Staff about Federal Efforts Regarding Forthcoming Final Ozone Standard
Discussion of Transportation Pricing Subcommittee Report-out, Recommendations, and Next Steps

September RAQC Meeting

Consent Agenda: Acceptance of 2009 Audited Financial Statements
Approval of Goals and Criteria
Presentation and Discussion of Preliminary Findings of Draft Fuels Study
Fuels and Motor Vehicle Measures Subcommittee Report
Discussion of Fuels and Motor Vehicle Subcommittee Recommendations and Next Steps
Approval of Proposed DRCOG TIP Funding Applications

August RAQC Meeting

Discussion on Status of EPA, DOT, and HUD Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Presentation on Ideas for Reducing Ozone Precursers via Fuels and VMT Reduction Strategies
Discussion of Goals and Criteria to Assist in Selecting Ozone Reduction Measures
Discussion of Draft Transportation-Related Ozone Management Measures Snapshot

July RAQC Meeting

Consent Agenda: Administrative Items
Update on Federal Regional Haze NOx Emission Control Strategies and SIP Development
Facilitated Discussion based on June Meeting Discussions
Staff and Board Discussion on Where We Are, What We Have Learned and Future Direction

June RAQC Meeting

Regional Air Quality Planning Workshop
How Transportation and Built Environment Considerations Can Influence Regional Air Quality Planning Initiatives: Ideas and Lessons from Other US Regions

May RAQC Meeting

Trends Overview from State Demographer
RTD’s Role in Regional Air Quality Management
Modeling Update and Discussion

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