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April RAQC Board Meeting

Conversation with Don Hunt, Executive Director, CDOT
Results from Remote Sensing High Emitter Pilot Program
Legislative Update
OzoneAware Program Update

January RAQC Board Meeting

Update on Ozone Planning Activities and Actions
Discussion and Approval of 2012-13 Work Program & 2012 Budget
Discussion of Future Meeting Agendas and Potential Conversations with Other Organizations
Legislative Update and Discussion of Legislation of Interest

November RAQC Board Meeting

Overview of Next Steps in Implementing 0.075 ppm Ozone Standard
Report from Strategy Committees – Short-term Priorities
Next Steps in Developing RAQC’s 2012-2013 Work Program
Proposed 2012 Meeting Schedule

October RAQC Board Meeting

2010 Audited Financial Statements
Conversation with Joshua Epel, Chairman,
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Report from Oil and Gas Sources Subcommittee
Discussion of Next Steps in Implementing EPA’s 2008 (0.075 ppm)
Ozone Standard
Topics for Next Meeting

June RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Wrap-Up
Formation of Stationary and Area Source Strategy Subcommittees
Wrap-up and Discussion of Upcoming Meetings

May RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Update
Overview of Plans for Summer OzoneAware Program
Overview of Potential Stationary and Area Source Control
Panel Discussion —Industry Perspective on Stationary/Area Source
Control Measures
Update on Other Ozone SIP Planning Activities
Discussion of Upcoming Meeting and Topics

April RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Update
Panel Discussion – Alternative Fuels Options and Market
Panel Discussion—How the built environment can influence air
quality planning, public health protection and the region’s
Report on DRCOG/RAQC/EPA Workshop: Sustainable Land
Use Measures and the Air Quality Planning Process

Special RAQC Board Meeting

Regional Haze SIP
HB 1275 concerning diesel engine idling

March RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Update
Gasoline Fuels Ozone Strategies
Presentation on Denver.North Front Range Fuel Supply Costs
and Impacts
Industry perspective and discussion with the RAQC on gasoline
fuels strategies
Panel Discussion – Alternative Fuels Options and Market

February RAQC Board Meeting

Legislative Update
Denver B-Cycle Program
Update: Effect of Clean Air Clean Jobs Act Implementation and
Regional Haze SIP on Ozone SIP Planning
Discussion of Revised Executive Summary and Approval of
2010 Progress Report to the Governor
Discussion of 2011 SIP Measure Analysis Process and Schedule
Discussion and Approval of RAQC 2011 Work Program and Budget
Approval of Selection of Contractor for Future Ozone SIP
Plan for March Meeting

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