Governor Ritter appoints 21 local leaders to serve on the the RAQC

Governor Ritter recently appointed 21 local leaders to serve on the the Regional Air Quality Council (click here to see a list of appointees). Appointees include appointed local government elected officials, business and citizen representatives, and experts in transportation and land use planning. The Council has been directed by the Governor to collaborate with state, local and transportation agencies to develop and report on options to further reduce vehicle miles traveled, emissions from vehicles, and introduce other measures that yield reductions in emissions from the transportation sector.  In addition, the RAQC will continue its ongoing activities to propose and develop revisions to the State Implementation Plan in compliance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

In addition to the 21 members appointed by the Governor, the RAQC also includes the executive directors from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Department of Transportation, and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

Governor Ritter appointed Denver attorney Andrew Spielman to continue as chair of the RAQC.  Spielman has served as chair since 2007.