OzoneAware Celebrates 2014 Clean Air Heroes

As the summer of 2014 comes to an end, we’re happy to celebrate some of the folks who’ve gone above and beyond in the call to help take care of our summer air. These are people who consistently take transit, walk, ride bikes or carpool in favor of driving alone. These are people who turn off the idle, mow in the evening and stop at the click like a boss. These are our 2014 Clean Air Heroes, and they’ve received an award from OzoneAware to prove it.

Congratulations to our Clean Air Heroes, and thanks for all you do!

Bike Depot Crew-Clean Air Hero 2014

Bike Depot’s Car-Free Crew

Cindy Bosco- Clean Air Hero 2014 pic

Cindy Bosco

John Dirirro-Clean Air Hero 2014

John Ditirro

Randy Landis-Clean Air Hero 2014

Randy Landis-Eigsti

Bob Mook-Clean Air Hero 2014

Bob Mook