RAQC Considers Colorado’s Electric Vehicle Plan Mandated by the Governor’s Executive Order


At the December board meeting, RAQC members reviewed and discussed Colorado’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Plan mandated by the Governor’s Executive Order “Supporting Colorado’s Clean Energy Transition” (D 2017-015). The draft details the EV policy landscape building on previous Executive Orders, studies commissioned with the state, existing programs, and strategies that support the goal of building a network of EV fast charging stations on state corridors. You can read the draft report here.

Some key feedback to the draft plan provided by RAQC members included:

  • There is a need for “best practices” to be provided to local municipalities on how to encourage multi-family housing units in their areas to provide charging stations for residents.
  • The plan should address dealership integration.
  • The plan should address standardization of experience throughout charging corridors.
  • The plan should have bolder goals, especially as it relates to the number of EVs on the road and the percentage of EV transit vehicles.
  • The plan should address legislative and regulatory goals.