RAQC Announces Optical Gas Imaging Camera Loan Program

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) is offering an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Camera to assist industry and local governments/health departments in voluntarily identifying and repairing gas leaks at oil and gas industry exploration and production facilities along the Denver Front Range and Colorado’s western slope. The camera, acquired via a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) grant, will be loaned to qualified users over the next two years.

How the Program Will Work: Over the course of the two-year OGI Camera Loan Program, the RAQC will coordinate and maintain a schedule of Qualified Users to whom the camera may be and has been loaned. The RAQC will also maintain a summary record of leaks voluntarily found and repaired; however, the RAQC will not attribute these entries to any specific entity. 

Qualified User Certification and Training: Qualified Users – those employed by the oil and gas industry and local government/health departments — must be Level 1 Certified by the Infrared Training Center for Optical Imaging prior to using the OGI Camera. The RAQC held two, two-and-a-half day Denver-area training courses for Level 1 Certification for potential Qualified Users. A third training session will be scheduled based on level of interest during the second or third quarter of 2013. 

Local government/health department staff will be offered the training for free while funding is available. Private company and consultant staff will be offered the training at a reduced cost of $1,500 per participant. This is compared to a cost of approximately $2,000, which does not include travel expenses, for individual training in Texas. 

How to Participate: Potential Qualified Users should contact Gerald J. Dilley, Technical Program Manager, as soon as possible to express interest in participating in the OGI Camera Loan Program. Please include the following in your expression of interest:

  • Full name and title
  • Company/governmental entity name and address
  • Phone/fax number and email address
  • The number of persons requiring Level 1 training
  • Any questions that you may have.

A letter of interest addressed to Gerald J. Dilley, Regional Air Quality Council, 1445 Market Street, Ste. 260, Denver, CO 80202 is also acceptable.

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