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Air Quality Planning – Draft 1

Air Quality Planning


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Modeling Results

Text on Modeling & EI Efforts

Links to m&ei page

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Link to modeling dashboard

Control Planning Efforts

Evaluation and implementation of control strategies is a key element of air quality planning.  The RAQC’s Control Strategy Committee continues to actively evaluate and pursue effective air pollution control strategies in the DM/NFR.  Strategies are being evaluated in the following categories:

  • Stationary Sources
  • Oil and Gas Sources
  • Inspection and Maintenance Programs
  • Fuels
  • Mobile Sources
  • Land Use
  • Lawn and Garden Sources

For further information on strategies please visit the Control Strategy Evaluation Page or Sign Up for Email Updates.

Ozone Tracking

Ozone Summary Tables

Ozone summary tables are updated weekly during Ozone season. The most recent summary table can be found here. Historic summary tables are available here.

Ozone Modeling

To aid in evaluating the impact of emissions control strategies as well as developing Attainment Demonstrations as part of State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements, the RAQC also engages in photochemical modeling efforts.

75 ppb Standard


Currently Moderate

(Will be reclassified to Serious in 2019)

Attainment Deadline:

August 2021

70 ppb Standard


Currently Marginal

Attainment Deadline:

August 2021

Local Gov’t Resources

Resource library and text.

Clean Air Campaign

Clean Air Champion Program
Link to Clean Air CHamp Page

Staff Contacts

Amanda Brimmer, E.I.T.

Technical Program Manager

Jessica Ferko

Air Quality Planner

Jun 1st


Outside Festival
1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Jun 2nd


Outside Festival
1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Jun 7th

Board Meeting

9:30 am - 12:00 pm