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AirCare Colorado

The emissions testing program for the state of Colorado. See for more details.


Tiny particles dispersed in gases. Often used synonymously with particulate matter (PM).

Access, Accessibility

The opportunity to reach jobs, services, housing, recreation, shopping, and entertainment within a reasonable time frame, and without being impeded by physical, social, or economic barriers. Enhancing mobility is one way of providing improved access.

Brown Cloud

The Brown Cloud — a pollutant-related visibility problem — is caused by tiny particles smaller than 10 microns in size, carbon-containing particles and the chemical reactions of certain gases, including NOx, NH3, and SO2. The collective pollutants block...

Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC)

Established in 1973 under section 25-7-109 of the Colorado Air Quality Control Act, the AQCC is an eight-member elected commission with authority to adopt, promulgate, modify. or repeal emission control regulations which require the use of effective practical air...