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June 30, 2016 RAQC Board Meeting

June 24, 2016 | 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce - 4th Floor Board Room
1445 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202

Audio Access to Meeting

Dial 415-655-0060 and then enter the Attendee Access Code: 598-787-634 followed by #. Attendees will be in listen-only mode for the duration of the meeting.
No public comment will be taken via phone.
Written public comment on the Final Proposed SIP can be sent to until June 27, 2016 for this meeting. Verbal and written comments will be taken in-person during both meetings.

Download Meeting Agenda

Download Meeting Minutes

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Future Meeting Dates – September through December 2016

September 9
September 23 (tentative)
October 7
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June 3 Minutes
Informational Items (handouts)

4th Maximum Ozone Values Table (ppb) through June 29, 2016

Informational Items (handouts)

8-Hour Ozone Readings Above 75ppb 2016 Season

Recognition of Departing RAQC Members
Approval of Funding for Local Agency Air Quality Projects

Kate Cooke, RAQC staff

Overview of Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP)

Ken Lloyd, RAQC staff

Public Comment on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan

The public is invited to provide comments to the RAQC on the roposed State Implementation Plan. Depending on the number of individuals signed up to speak, commenters will be allotted 2-3 minutes per individual or group. Written comments are also welcome.

RAQC Board Discussion and Final Action on Final Proposed Moderate Area Ozone SIP to be submitted to the Air Quality Control Commission for Consideration