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Serious Ozone SIP Catch-Up Session

July 31, 2020 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Zoom Remote Meeting ONLY
No physical meeting room
Denver, Colorado

The RAQC has decided to host a Serious Ozone SIP Catch-up meeting. This meeting is aimed primarily at new members and/or members who were not able to attend the July Board meeting to provide one final detailed briefing and allow an opportunity for members to ask questions prior to the Board taking action at the August 7th Board meeting.

The intent of this meeting is to brief Board members that are new to the RAQC and/or have not been able to attend prior briefings.  The public is welcome to attend this meeting, however no public comment will be taken.  Oral public comment on the Serious SIP will be taken at the Aug. 7th RAQC Board meeting (link to meeting) and written comment may be submitted until end of day on July 31st at  For more information, please contact Amanda Brimmer at

A recording of the Session is available for download. Please note that due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of the presentation were not captured in the recording.

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