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Charge Ahead Colorado

Charge Ahead Colorado Program

The Problem

In 2020, vehicle emissions became the largest source of greenhouse gases in Colorado and one of the largest local sources of ground-level ozone in Denver and North Front Range communities. This is the first time that emissions from transportation surpassed those from electricity generation and oil and gas production. To improve air quality and reduce harmful emissions, we must continue to increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption and significantly improve our transportation systems. Colorado has a bold vision to put nearly one million EVs on the road by 2030, and we need the charging infrastructure to support them.

The Program

When the Charge Ahead Colorado program started in 2013, there were about 50 charging stations in the state.  Since then, the Regional Air Quality Council and Colorado Energy Office have partnered to fund more than 1,300 charging stations.  Charge Ahead Colorado provides grant funding to local governments, non-profits and businesses to install EV charging stations.

Find more information on the Charge Ahead Colorado program website or contact Matt Goble with questions.