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Clean Air Fleets

Mobile Sources Programs: Charge Ahead CO, ALT Fuels CO and Diesel Retrofits

The Problem

Vehicles that run on diesel fuel are as sturdy as they come. Often though, these vehicles produce high levels of pollution that can be easily reduced by retrofitting simple exhaust system components and adding idling reduction technology.

The Program

The Clean Air Fleets program, started in 2003, is a regional public-private initiative to educate on- and off-road diesel vehicle operators on how to voluntarily reduce diesel emissions while saving money. The program provides information on, and funding for, simple retrofit technologies and fuels to reduce emissions. The Clean Air Fleets website at provides the latest program information and provides resources on advances in diesel engines, emissions control, and idling reduction technology, alternative fuels, engine and fuel standards, and much more.

Clean Air Fleets has numerous stakeholders throughout the Denver-metro region including the majority of the local governments and school districts located within the seven-county metro area as well as several private entities. In addition to providing up-to-date information on diesel-related issues and technologies, Clean Air Fleets also educates fleet operators through conferences and workshops. Be sure to check out the funding opportunities available through Clean Air Fleets for retrofit and alternative fuel projects at

Charge Ahead CO  |  ALT Fuels CO   |  Diesel Retrofits

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