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Street Sanding Program

Street Sanding Program

Street Sanding Program

The Problem

The biggest concern with Street Sanding is the Particulate Matter (PM10) that can be inhaled by humans. Although the region is currently in compliance with federal PM standards, the Denver area violated those standards for this pollutant in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Program

In conjunction with local and state street maintenance departments, the RAQC developed a street sanding program, which has achieved a weighted average region-wide emissions reduction of approximately 50% and has allowed us to comply with the PM10 federal standard since 1993. The Street Sanding Program was originally incorporated into the federally approved PM10 State Implementation Plan (SIP) as Air Quality Regulation No. 16 in 1993.  The Regulation was revised a number of times and was last updated by the State in 2000 for the 2001 PM10 SIP. Our challenge now is to maintain current street sanding practices in the face of increasing vehicle traffic and significant budget constraints in some jurisdictions.

Downloads for Reporting:

Annual AQR #16 Street Sanding/Sweeping Form 2022/2023
   (From hyperlink, click download to get Excel spreadsheet)
Technical Memorandum: Methodology
Summary Table 2021-2022
Worksheet for Calculating Emissions Reductions from Street Sanding and Sweeping
Colorado Air Quality Regulation #16
Emission Benefit Study (Executive Summary – Oct. 1999)
PM-10 Maintenance Plan for the Denver Metro Area (April 2001)

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