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Employer-based Trip Reduction Program (ETRP) Resources


In 2020, the RAQC and its stakeholders began a process to study and explore the appropriateness of an ETRP policy for employers in the RAQC’s nine-county service area. A recent outcome is the development of concept language and a framework for a policy. These elements help guide the RAQC’s continued evaluation of the many important factors an ETRP policy must consider. The concept language and framework were also shared with the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) which is utilizing them as the starting point for development of an ETRP* rule that may be implemented statewide. You can find more information in the APCD’s Fact Sheet on ETRP Concepts and on the APCD Webpage.

CDPHE ETRP Summary Presentation

CDPHE Draft Regulatory Language

*Note the APCD’s program is called “Employee Traffic Reduction Program” (ETRP), pronounced “E-TRIP”


APCD Stakeholder Process

The APCD encourages interested parties to participate in the stakeholder process in the coming weeks and months. To register for informational and listening sessions or provide written comments, please visit:


Initial White Paper Analysis (February 2020)

Successful ETRP/TDM Programs (March 2021)

Draft Employer Based Trip Reduction Work Group Work Plan (April 2020)

Questions & Answers: Benefits of Employer-based Trip Reduction Programs in Our Region (October 2020)

Timeline & Processes: 2008 Ozone Standard, Potential Severe Reclassification and State-Only Flexible ETRP (October 2020)

ETRP Business Outreach Letter (March 2021)

RAQC’s Initial ETRP Cost/Benefit Analysis (March 2021)



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Denver South – Employer Transportation Champions (October 2020)

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Commutifi ETRP Assessment (January 2021)

UrbanTrans ETRP Recommendations (February 2021)

Tiered and Phased In Approaches to ETRP (March 2021)

CRA Denver Region Employer Interviews: ETRP/TDM (March 2021)

NFRMPO Commute Rate Tiers (March 2021)

ETRP Proposed Regulatory Language Summary (May 2021)