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The Problem: Conventionally fueled vehicles often produce high levels of pollution. The Denver-metro region currently lacks geographically dispersed charging points and wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles. Incentivizing electric vehicles and charging stations helps mitigate range concerns of the motoring public while improving the region’s air quality.

The Program: The Charge Ahead Colorado program, started in 2012, is a joint program between the Regional Air Quality Council and Colorado Energy Office to reduce harmful air pollutants and encourage the diversification of the State of Colorado’s transportation fuels mix. The program provides information on and financial support for electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The Clean Air Fleets website at provides the latest information on the Charge Ahead Colorado program.

Charge Ahead Colorado has awarded funding to many local governments and non-profits within the seven-county metro area as well as a private entity. A current list of awardees is available here. A summary of funding amounts, criteria, eligibility and how to apply to the Charge Ahead Colorado program is available here.